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Marc Khanna
Marc Khanna
Copy Editor, CMO/CFO, Website & Social Media

IB or bust: the exam edition

Art by Jake Lafomia

Ah, the International Baccalaureate (IB) exams. A rite of passage for any teenagers hungering for sleepless nights and caffeine-induced tremors; a true mental test. 

Let’s be honest: the IB exams are the Hunger Games of high school. Only a few choose to take on the challenge and even fewer pass. Unfortunately, the time for the exams is closing in on us. With only months left, preparations are needed. 

This will mark the beginning of the reaping. Freshmen and sophomores: it’s important to steer clear of all upperclassmen participating in the exams and keep the annoyance to zero. For those unlucky juniors and seniors who caved to parental pressure and signed up: whether you prefer to isolate yourself or form alliances with study groups, there’s always one inevitable sacrifice. Say goodbye to your social life. You’ll hardly have time to do anything but study. 

Amidst the stress and chaos, there is a beauty to the IB exams. From the periodic table to the postmodern poetry, it is a testament to all those who were strong enough to make it to the end. A reminder that no matter the size or how seemingly formidable, we are capable of rising to the challenge, armed with nothing but a pencil and a calculator. 

To all the brave souls embarking on this journey, I wish you luck. May your pencils stay sharp, your coffee strong and your sense of humor intact. Remember, it’s just a test. No matter your scores, in the grand scheme of things, this is a little bump in the road of your academic adventure. Embrace the absurdity. May the curve be ever in your favor.  

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