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Alex Ehrhart
Alex Ehrhart
News & Opinion Editor

Reminiscing on my high school years through Celsius flavors

I have always heard how music or places mark specific life events for people. For me, Celsius flavors have imprinted in my memory, the many high school experiences I’ve gone through these past four years. Looking back, I have undergone many events during my time at Tualatin High holding a Celsius can in my hand. Because Celsius became a part of my everyday routine, present for the majority of the significant things I experienced, I want to share a few flavors that are tied to meaningful memories and lessons learned from my high school years. 

Peach Vibe & Fuji Apple Pear are the first Celsius flavors I tried, marking the beginning of my high school years. They take me back to when I was navigating the nerves and excitement of being in high school, when my choices began to have more weight to them.

Strawberry Lemonade is a tribute to my first real job. This flavor got me through my super long (three hour) shifts. I brought one to every shift I worked that summer, to the point where my coworkers told me I was going to have a heart attack…. It didn’t stop me.

Kiwi Guava & Tropical Vibe will forever remind me of summer: the time of the year when I am happiest and feel the most like myself. My favorite memories of camping and boating are tied to these flavors. 

Green Apple Cherry reminds me to always stay true to myself and the things I value most. The memories I have holding this can taught me to never waver in my beliefs and to always learn from my mistakes.

Oasis Vibe was my favorite at the start of senior year. It reminds me of football season and my eighteenth birthday – the bittersweet concept of becoming an adult and growing up.

Mango Tango– Not only do I automatically love anything mango; I also love what this flavor reminds me of. It reminds me of the importance of surrounding yourself with people who fill your cup and show up for you, no matter what. 

Raspberry Peach reminds me of new beginnings. I tried this flavor for the first time when I toured the college I am attending in the fall. 

Celsius was a major part of the last four years I spent at Tualatin High School. Cracking open a Celsius can in the morning became my favorite way to start the day. As time goes on, I hope to always be reminded of the best memories and important lessons I learned during high school any time I take a sip of these flavors. Also, @Celsius, sponsor me please. 

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Victoria Gillard, Humor Editor & Social Media
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