Fall fashion mimics Oregon weather: wait 20 minutes and see what happens

Elle Sherman, Editor-in-Chief

As dry and rainy as Oregon’s autumn is, its fashion trends are equally one of the best. Fall brings some of the most unique and stylish trends, along with fashion inventions you can easily put together to make an everlasting impression on your peers.

Oregon’s fall is unique as it is compiled of sun, rain and bitter cold. And that’s what makes fall the most desirable season for fashion. You can mix and match anything from your closet! A cute tee from your spring wardrobe, a cozy cardigan from your winter wardrobe, a jean skirt from your summer wardrobe and some cute boots from your fall wardrobe can come together in fashion harmony. I’m telling you, fall is one of those seasons in which you can pick and choose from anything in your closet due to the weird weather Oregon produces.

In order to make sure that you get the best advice possible for your new fall look-book, here is junior Emily Milsted, ready to give her opinion on her favorite autumn styles. The Wolfcan assure you that you will love every single one – as all of these include all of our favorite pieces, which means that boots, chunky sweaters and mom jeans are everywhere. So have a look and don’t miss the chance to redecorate your wardrobe to the fullest, making fall the best season ever.


Question: What is your favorite fall staple?

Answer: Definitely an oversized sweater because it adds warmth to your fit while still making it look cute.


Q:What do you think is the most popular fall style right now?

A:Recently I’ve been seeing a lot of teddy coats and turtlenecks coming back in style.


Q:What’s your favorite way to accessorize a fall outfit?

A:Adding any cute hair scarfs and/or barrettes as well as lots of statement rings.


Q:How does your style change from summer to fall? Other than wearing more clothes;)

A:I tend to layer a lot during the fall and winter months, considering the school is always freezing.


Q:What has been your favorite fall outfit thus far and why?

A:I have a really sick long yellow skirt that I like to pair different sweaters with. Then I usually finish off the look with any pair of comfortable sneakers.