Freshman school pride

Freshman Owen Koehmstedt

Kaitlyn Gearin, Editor-in-Chief

The Wolfinterviewed freshmen students Claire Roach and Owen Koehmstedt to get their point of view on school spirit at TuHS.


Q:What are you involved in at Tualatin High School?

CR:  At Tualatin High School, I run cross country and plan to join FBLA.

OK: I’m involved in band and cross country.


Q: What school events (sports games, dances, coffeehouse, etc.) have you been to or are planning to go to this school year?

CR: I plan to go to all kinds of games and Homecoming this year. So far, I have just been to football games.

OK:  I have been to the football games, and I am planning to go to more football and basketball games for band.


Q:What is your initial impression of our school’s spirit so far this year?

CR: My initial impression of school spirit is that no matter what activity or sport you are a part of, the students support you and are very excited to be here.

OK: I think school spirit is cool and there is a lot of encouragement between students.


Q:On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate the school spirit of Tualatin’s student body and why?

CR:I would rate TuHS spirit at an eight, because it seems that everyone loves events like football games, but there is always a group of students who really don’t care.

OK: I haven’t been at the school for very long, but I would give the student body an eight out of ten because I think many students are involved in different activities and speak up for what changes they want to make.


Q:What can the school (administration, ASB, teachers, students, etc.) do to improve school spirit at Tualatin High School and get more students involved?

CR: The school can get more students involved by strongly advertising spirit with the freshmen, because we have no clue what we are doing. It would also be helpful to not have the wheel for incoming freshmen because it makes it harder for freshmen to take certain electives such as choir and drawing for the whole year.

OK: I think it would be fun if different activity groups went and supported other clubs at the school. This would improve school spirit and would create a more inclusive environment.


Freshman Claire Roach