Where to travel for the HOLLAdays

Olivia Seits, Staff Writer

Oregon is a colorful and beautiful place to live, especially during the holiday season, no matter the unpredictable weather. On the bright side, Oregon gets so much rain, you can swim anytime you like. In order to fully experience the liveliness of Oregon, it is a must to participate in the holiday festivities. Don’t know what to do or where to go to feel like you’re living in a snow globe or a Hallmark movie? Don’t worry, here are some ideas to make your holiday extra cheerful.

If you’re looking for a night full of singing and beautiful lights, check out the Christmas Festival of Lights in The Grotto. The Grotto is the largest Christmas choral festival in the world and features many singers from the Pacific Northwest. This event is a short walk under the stars, so make sure to wear warm clothing! The Grotto is located right here in Portland and welcomes all families, so come celebrate the special season.

Another fun getaway is, of course, Mt. Hood and Timberline Lodge. This experience is filled with ski resorts and historic tourist attractions. Spend a night or a week away at this snowy mountain, for it is sure to knock your mittens off!

Cannon Beach is also a great place to travel to for the holidays. The Cannon Beach in Lights Festival hosts a contest during the season to give everyone a chance to show off their decorating skills. You can even go to a wreath-making workshop, among other Haystack Holiday events. Even if you don’t participate in the contests, there’s still a fun-filled sandy beach waiting to spread holiday cheer.

The snowy season is not just about where you travel, but the tasty treats, too. While Oregon is known for its iconic coffee shops, during the holiday season, Portland’s hot chocolate takes the cake. An amazing place to get a steamy cup of hot cocoa is Creo Chocolate. This chocolate cafe makes its chocolate from cacao beans grown in Ecuador and its hot chocolate is made from 73 percent dark chocolate, creating a mouthwatering bundle of joy that wins over boxed hot chocolate any day.

Sometimes the cold is just too much and you wish that you were soaking up the sun on a tropical island, but you’re home for the holidays instead. Here’s a couple ways to make your winter break the ultimate summer break: Put on your favorite bathing suit, blend up a tropical fruit smoothie, grab a good book, change your screen background to a sunny island and, finally, pretend you’re getting a golden tan from that heat lamp sitting above you.

While vacations and staycations are fun and all, the most important thing to do on your break away from school is to spend time with family and friends. Order a pizza and play some quality board games. Telestrations and Kings in the Corner are definitely the way to go for that.

Have a safe and wonderful holiday, everyone!