These underrated John Mayer songs will change your life

Olivia Trone, Co-Bilingual Editor

John Mayer is a celebrity that everyone has an opinion on. He is either recognized as one of the best artists of the last 20 years or as a controversial womanizer. Whether you agree with the former or the latter, both are true. In Mayer’s case, listeners must separate the art from the artist. You can appreciate his music, while accepting the reality of his questionable character. 

In addition to his multiple major album releases, he has also performed with The Roots, Khalid, Alicia Keys and Frank Ocean. He is one the most underrated artists of the 2000s. If you want to get into Mayer, start with his top five best songs. 


Number Five: “Paper Doll”

Starting off with one of Mayer’s hidden masterpieces, “Paper Doll” is from his country-themed 2013 album. This song perfectly highlights his guitar playing and lyrical skills. Every line is a beautiful metaphor, telling a story beyond the words he sings. 


Number Four: “Walt Grace’s Submarine Test, January 1967”

This song is as interesting as its title. Not only does it have unique instrumentals, but it also paints a picture of restlessness and a desire for thrill. Personally, I believe the song acts as a metaphor for Mayer’s desire to achieve more in life. 


Number Three: “City Love”

Unlike the last two songs, this one is much more upbeat than his usual mellow style. It is an unknown song that most normal fans have never heard. Coming from the 2001 album Room for Squares, it experiments with drums and a fast pace. 


Number Two: “New Light”

Most people who are not avid fans of Mayer’s music know and like this song. It is upbeat, catchy and well-written. As a person who saw him perform this song in concert, it is even better than I ever imagined. 


Number One: “War of my Life”

Words cannot even begin to describe how much I love this song. It is a perfect mix of upbeat and mellow. The writing and singing are incredible; there is truly not a single thing wrong with this song.