Five must-watch scary movies are sure to make your Halloween fear-tastic 


Frida Ruiz photographed by Isabella Kneeshaw.

Frida Ruiz, Staff Writer

It’s the Halloween season, which brings costumes, candy, and of course scary movies. The selection of horror movies this season has grown, but these are the top five must-watch movies for this Halloween season. 

Number 5: Halloween (1978)

  We start with a true classic slasher film, Halloween (1978). This R-rated film is a pure thrill. The story of Micheal Myers sets up a trilogy that can be enjoyed or made fun of with friends or alone under a blanket. Even if it’s not a favorite, I still appreciate a classic horror that has influenced and created a whole horror movie sub-genre. 

Number 4: Us

 A movie that leaves you with questions that are most likely answered throughout the movie, Jordan Peele’s masterpiece is a thriller and mind-messing film that will have you avoiding looking at your reflection in a mirror for an hour or two. 

Number 3: Scream (1996)

 Another classic! Ghostface sets up a slasher trilogy that has one too many movies added to it. Regardless, it’s still incredibly enjoyable to watch with friends or alone. Just make sure to avoid answering the phone after. 

Number 2: Hocus Pocus 

Now, it may not be mind-twisting and full of gore, but it sure is a classic must-watch. It’s lighthearted, fun and a great watch with siblings or family, and even on your own for some nostalgia. 

Number 1: Frankenweenie

My favorite Halloween must-watch is Frankenweenie. This Tim Burton film is what I classify as a perfect movie. It follows young Victor Frankenstein and his zombie dog. It’s a lighthearted and entertaining film that I strongly recommend.

I hope my small list gives you some sort of recommendation or reminder of a movie you haven’t seen in a while. Curl up under a blanket, get some popcorn and give one of these movies a watch!