A Love Letter to Oregon 


Photo by Jenni Carmon.

Amanda Fronczak, Humor Editor

“I left my heart in Oregon” is a lyric we Oregonians are probably familiar with, but why would anyone write a song about the 16th-most-boring state according to Zippia.com? Although Oregon may not be the most exhilarating place, and I’ll admit I’ve spent days wishing I lived anywhere else, we are truly blessed to call this beautiful state our home. Since I’ll be heading out of state for college and saying goodbye to my home of 15 years, here are some of the things I’ll miss most about the breathtaking, extremely rainy, state of Oregon. 

The luscious green trees 

Now this is certainly not the most profound statement I’ve made. Oregon has trees, shocking! Despite this obvious fact, taking one step outside and being met with a view of lush, towering trees in various shades of green is something I often take for granted. Of course every state has trees, but there is something so unique and ravishing about the trees and how the leaves change into vibrant colors alongside each season. Oregon is a botanical wonderland that doesn’t receive enough appreciation. 

The Water 

If you’ve ever gone on a vacation outside of Oregon and wondered why you’re so dehydrated, it may be a result of you not drinking the repulsive and mysterious liquid that other states deem “water.” I’m not sure what the other 49 states are drinking but it’s certainly not water. The only solace I get when returning home from a trip is drinking a cold, crisp glass of Oregon water. 

Dutch Bros 

Dutch is practically a substitute for water. Dutch Bros is a luxury only 14 states have, and I will certainly miss indulging in a Rebel (which always have the weirdest possible names, Lasercat??) and the excitement of getting my favorite colored straw or swapping my 250 points for a free drink. 

Not paying sales taxes

Now, a trade off of not paying sales tax may be higher income taxes, but the satisfaction of knowing exactly how much you’re paying every time you make a purchase is priceless. When the cashier announces my total in a different state, I feel like I’ve been stabbed, stabbed in the back and betrayed by that 4-7 percent sales tax. B*stard$.

The people 

Although the water, greenery and lack of sales tax make Oregon so special, the heart of this amazing state is the people and all the friends I’ve made. Oregonians are some of the kindest and most caring people I’ve met. Although we may lack Vitamin D for a majority of the year, we sure make up for it in heart. I will forever be grateful to have grown up in this “boring” state, and I truly left a piece of my heart in Oregon.