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Teagan Gaviola, Editor-in-Chief

Hello!! My name is Teagan, I'm a senior, and my pronouns are she/they. This is my third year on The Wolf staff. In my second year, I was both the Copy Editor and Sports Editor. This year, I am Editor-In-Chief alongside Emma J Nelson :D Actually, I originally didn’t forecast for the class—I had placed it as one of my alternate choices. However, my freshman journalism teacher provided a recommendation for me to be in newspaper, so I was miraculously placed on the staff my sophomore year. Looking back on it, I’m incredibly grateful that such a happy accident occurred because I would not be the same person I am today without newspaper. Thereafter, I continued to apply to be a part of The Wolf because of the amazing community, my genuine love for writing, and journalism itself. he Wolf is a platform that strives to amplify the voices of the student body and gives students the opportunity to acknowledge what we deem important. Having the ability to represent the thoughts and experiences of today's youth is incredibly important, and that in itself is one of my favorite things about being on The Wolf. When I'm not writing for The Wolf or editing our staffs' articles, I have quite a lot of interests that keep me occupied! First and foremost, I'm currently on the TuHS Girls Varsity Basketball team, and so I devote a majority of my time to basketball and working out. Outside of school-related activities, I love writing, reading law books, fashion (in general), watching anime, overanalyzing films, and listening to music (specifically BTS).

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Teagan Gaviola