Ridiculous Buzzfeed Quizzes you NEED to take

Amanda Fronczak, Staff Writer

If you’ve ever taken a Buzzfeed Quiz, you know just how random yet influential they can be. Who knew loving rocky road ice cream would determine that my soulmate’s eyes are blue? Whether you’re bored or procrastinating on that essay due by midnight, Buzzfeed’s got you covered. To help add a little spice to your life, here are five of the most ridiculous Buzzfeed Quizzes. 

Starting out strong with #5: “We Know Exactly Which Taylor Swift Era Captures Your Aura Based On The Aesthetic Images You Choose.” Not only is this quiz super fun to take, but now you have the perfect excuse to play Taylor Swift. No complaints here.

#4 is the honesty we need this year: “It’s Time To Be Brutally Honest and Reveal Your Deepest Thoughts On These Disney Characters.” Calling anyone with pent up frustration for the traditionally beloved Disney characters, this is your chance to let your true feelings come out. This quiz is a poll so you can see how your opinion stacks up against everyone else’s. Who knew 32 percent of people aren’t fans of Tinkerbell? 

#3 is for all my sisters out there: “How Terrible Of A Sister Are You Actually.” This quiz could either be a wake up call or concrete evidence that you deserve a “Sister of the Year” award. Regardless, the questions will make you reminiscent of all the amazing and crazy memories you’ve shared with your siblings. 

#2 perfectly encompases the random, yet totally accurate beauty of a Buzzfeed Quiz: “Don’t Freak Out, But We Know Your Deepest Darkest Secret Based On The School Supplies You Pick.” This quiz will call you out and make you question how they knew the truth just from your favorite highlighter brand. 

Ending off our list strong with #1, “Watch Us Guess Your Favorite Nugget Shape And Reveal Exactly What It Reveals About Your Personality.” Are you a boot-shaped or bell-shaped nugget? This quiz reveals the answer by making you pick from different images of your favorite things. Fingers crossed you get dino-shaped!