Incoming freshmen are in for a surprise


Photograph by Akash Balakumar.

Marc Khanna, Staff Writer

Ah, it’s almost that time again. In about three months, we will have to welcome yet again a brand new crop of confused, clueless students. Let’s face it, these younglings are entering a whole new world: stairs and elevators, multiple buildings (tech wing, auditorium, TTAD pool) and even a weightlifting room? These middle schoolers are definitely hyped up to spend the next four years at our beloved high school. 

But I still can’t believe it. These students are going to graduate in 2027? That’s probably when the iPhone 19 is going to come out or something. Now I can’t say much because I’m only a sophomore, and that’s probably how the seniors thought about me last year, but still, it amazes me knowing that the incoming freshmen were born sometime between 2008-2009.

Now this seems wacky, but seniors, you actually have a lot in common with the incoming freshmen. As most of you head off to college, you’ll be experiencing a new life with new teachers and friends, in a completely different environment. And that’s exactly how the middle school graduates feel. 

We’ll definitely see some students with the school map, panicking as they try to find their new classroom before the bell rings. Others will surely go into the math hall thinking it’s the English hall. The tech wing and auditorium will definitely get mixed up. But there’s just always something that’s off about them. 

I think we can all agree when I say their humor level is way different than ours. Some also think they are the coolest people in the world! Others just love to block the halls during break. 

Maybe next year is going to be different. Maybe they’ll realize that high school is a lot different than middle school. Well, I guess the only way to find out is to wait three more months.