Emojis deserve report cards, too

Cate Phipps, Humor Editor

As the student body embarks on the final quarter of the 2020-21 school year, report cards are soon to arrive in the mail. While emojis are often overlooked in this process that is typically exclusive to students, they deserve to be evaluated after all they contribute to society.

Laughing/crying emoji (listed on Emojipedia as “Face With Tears of Joy”) 😂
This emoji is used widely across all ages; however, it remains controversial in an increasingly polarized world. Many believe that it is overused and has thus lost its original meaning. Additionally, this group feels that society has progressed past the need for the laughing/crying emoji: it seems rather obsolete with so many ways to express the concept of laughter, such as “haha,” “AHAHA,” “lol,” “lmao,” the keyboard smash or even other emojis like the skull (💀) and coffin (⚰️) to express how someone is figuratively dying from laughter. Laughing/crying emoji advocates may counter with the emoji’s flexibility and ease of use. After all, it must be worthwhile if it has been used by so many for so long, right? Regardless, it can be utilized for genuine and also sarcastic purposes.
Overall grade: B

Top Hat emoji 🎩
While the writer of this article may have a personal bias, this emoji is undoubtedly one of the most underrated of all time. Its versatility is relatively unmatched, its elegance is  inspiring and its uniqueness is sure to make anyone stand out in the DMs. It spices up almost anything: instead of just saying “thanks,” you can say “thanks 🎩.” It instantly elevates everything you say and do on your phone. 
Overall grade: 100%

Eyes emoji 👀
While this emoji has historically been deemed rather useless (except for when putting the nose (👃) emoji and mouth (👄) emoji directly below it to make a face), it has recently increased in popularity to express a variety of emotions. It could be used to gas up a fellow social media user in the comment section of their recent #SeniorSunday, insinuating that they look so good you can’t keep your eyes off of them. Alternatively, it may be used to express surprise or an eyebrow-raising moment or a side-eye.
Overall Grade: Meets (3)

Poop emoji (listed on Emojipedia as “Pile of Poo Emoji”) 💩
This emoji has presented society with a multitude of questions, but the most pressing one being, why? I often find myself in a cloud of confusion whenever I see a poop emoji plush toy, and I am left even more perplexed when its brown complexion is replaced with a rainbow pattern. When researching for this article, I was left absolutely speechless when I came across this “Unicorn Poop Emoji Farting Plush Toy.” To say that the world has been bombarded with an inhumane quantity and variety of poop emoji-themed items is an understatement. Humanity has failed itself in this aspect.
Overall grade: F— and you can’t take credit recovery for it