Living to the fullest – Summer 2021 Edition 

Madison Dowell, Staff Writer

Summer 2021 is about having the experience we could not have last year. COVID had most of us quarantined in our homes, which prevented us from doing the little things, like having a meal at a restaurant or going to the movies. Whether summer 2021 means catching up with friends or your favorite shows, here’s a list of some of the things you can finally experience this year.

1. Meet new people

Yes, socializing might sound scary. It may worry you. It may concern you. But it’s okay. People aren’t just the hosts of deadly diseases but also human beings filled with thoughts and emotions. While it may be startling, try to strike up some conversation with a neighbor or the mailman. There’s a very low chance of dying. Open up more. You can keep your mask on. Baby steps.

2. See what a high school party is like

Class of ‘24, you haven’t truly experienced high school. It’s sad, but there’s a way to remedy that. You won’t feel like you’re truly in high school until you’ve gone to a typical high school party. The thrill of parents not being home, the chance someone could break a table, even just drinking stale soda from a red cup can be a wonderful experience. So yeah, invite your entire grade and regret it. Your mom’s vase has definitely been broken before and all you need is some super glue. Just be responsible and prevent as many crimes as you can.

3. Walk into the store confident you won’t come out with a disease

Picture this. It’s April 2020. You’re heading to the store for some eggs, milk, bread, whatever. You come home and you wash every little thing. You wash the eggs, you wash the milk carton, you even wash the bread because you cannot risk getting the ‘rona. You saw what’s happening to Italy, and we don’t want that. Now, you don’t have to wash your bread. You don’t have to wash the milk carton or the eggs. You should still wash your produce, but that’s pretty much it. So revel in that which you could not experience last year. Have 2020-you live vicariously through 2021-you.

That concludes the list, and we at The Wolf wish you all a fun and safe summer.