The Wolf rates your favorite masks at TuHS

Madison Dowell, Staff Writer

With the start of this COVID era of school, showing up to school with a mask is mandatory. Since the pandemic, students have sported many variations of the basic mask, some cute and some purely functional. Here is The Wolf’s rating of common masks at Tualatin High School. 


  1. The Classic Blue Surgical

Tried and true, the blue surgical mask is a typical option. You can get one from Rob at the entrance of the building, or a 100-pack online for pretty cheap. Basic, but it works.


  1. Diamond Mask

This screams “extra.” This screams “I am the center of attention.” This screams “I exude confidence.” Anyone who wears this mask knows their fashion limits, and this bejeweled mask is not one of them.


  1. Disposable Strawberry Mask

Shoutout to the girl at Trader Joe’s who I saw wearing this. You are my idol! Especially since you bought two containers of strawberries. Very on-brand.


  1. Handmade Cloth Mask

Homey and cute, the cloth mask you made on the kitchen table makes a statement. It shows capability. It shows that you put in the effort to make a whole mask. That’s dedication.


  1. Black KN-95

These are the epitome of style. These are casual-yet-cute. You’re not trying too hard, but it still goes with anything. Anyone who wears these is a different breed. They are superior. It is a mere coincidence that these are the only masks I wear.