The Wolf ranks Spider-Man’s love interests

Ethan Glick, Co-Entertainment Editor

Throughout comic books and movies, our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man has encountered many delightful folks who have become his romantic interests or the fans wish they had. In this absolutely-important and relevant list, I will be ranking the various characters that make suitable love interests for our favorite wacky web slinger from worst to best.


  1. Liz Allen:

To put it simply, if you asked me what my thoughts on Liz Allen were, I would say “who?” She just isn’t memorable. At all. Liz is the brief love interest in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Liz is also the daughter of Michael Keaton’s Vulture, and frankly, there was more chemistry between Spidey and Vulture than between him and Liz. She was just so two-dimensional and mundane, and that’s why she’s at the bottom of this list.


  1. Mary Jane Watson:

This decision might be fairly controversial, considering Mary Jane is the main love interest throughout most of Spider-Man media. The reason she’s this low is because, like Liz, I find her very two-dimensional. She’s always the damsel in distress, and in the classic Raimi Films she’s constantly screaming at the highest octave you can possibly fathom. Now I acknowledge this is not her fault and that is simply the way she was written, but that doesn’t make her any less annoying. No mercy, friends, no mercy.


  1. Gwen Stacy:

Gwen Stacy is a great character, and these top three were very hard to place. Unlike Mary Jane, she is incredibly resourceful and brave, as seen in The Amazing Spider-Man 1 & 2, actually helping Spidey defeat the baddies and proving herself as a great partner for him. Even after her tragic death, her story still affected Spider-Man forever.


  1. Black Cat/Felicia Hardy 

Black Cat is, in my opinion, the best canon love interest for Spidey. She’s incredibly compelling, and there is such a wealth of content in which she and Spidey interact that it would take hours to cover it all. For the first time, Spidey questions his own moral code. Felicia is technically a villain, in that she is an art thief and all around criminal. Initially, Spidey is just trying to catch and put her away, but as he interacts with felicia, he falls in love and can’t help but see the good in Felcia. Over the years they go from enemies to lovers, and it’s an incredibly exciting story.

  • Harry Osborn

While not at all a canon love interest for the web slinger, Harry is by far the best option for Peter. Harry is there for Peter through thick and thin, and their relationship is one that only the best of friends have. He supports Peter in every way he can, while also keeping him grounded and forcing him to own up to his mistakes. He is, without question, the most stable relationship in Spidey’s life, and that’s why he’s at the top.


I hope you enjoyed this fun little adventure. If you didn’t, that’s okay, too.