The Wolf ranks this year’s interesting assemblies

Olivia Trone, Co-Bilingual Editor

It’s no secret that assemblies are a point of contention with some people. Teachers don’t like the shortened class time and some students find them boring. 

Due to COVID, Tualatin High School’s assembly experience has been limited. Meeting on the cold football field at 10 a.m. with freshmen who remain silent during roll call was an embarrassing moment for everyone. Regardless, Associated Student Body (ASB) members have made the most of our COVID assemblies. 

Let’s rank the best and worst assemblies of this year, number six being the worst and number one the best. 


Number Six: Football Semi-Finals Pep Assembly

To put it nicely, the only good thing about this assembly was the “Whole New World” lip sync. The infamous “no one can tell us no except LO” line inspired laughter from the crowd. The classic emcees David Jones and Aaron Lakeman did well on their parts; it was just a last-minute disaster. 


Number Five: Homecoming Assembly 

The famous emcees Shem Malone and Dustin O’Donnell did a terrific job playing the roles of SpongeBob and Patrick. The assembly theme was “SpongeBob SquarePants,” a clever way of introducing the Under the Sea Homecoming theme.  

Number Four: Welcome Back Assembly

The Welcome Back Assembly was our prime. Students had no idea what a good assembly looked like yet, and all underclassmen were silent for roll call, but ASB put on a good show. 


Number Three: Winter Pep Video Assembly

This “iCarly”-themed video assembly adaptation was 4 minutes and 12 seconds of hilarious and entertaining content. The Hazelbrook Middle School classic Reindeer Races game made its debut, as well as the nostalgic “iCarly” theme song adaptation. 


Number Two: Mr. and Ms. Timberwolf Assembly

This assembly was done in three rotations, meaning every group saw a different hiccup. All in all, the rotations were successful. The band kids really pulled through when they volunteered for tug-of-war. 


Number One: Prom Assembly

The most recent Prom Assembly was the best assembly this year. The intense game of musical chairs for Prom Court and the comical human Hungry Hungry Hippos made for an overall entertaining experience. However, I found that people were a little confused by the promposal skit, myself included.