A Good Nose: The Only Exception

Karys Gates, Staff Writer

There are many people at school who don’t wear their mask right, and I only agree with their actions under one term… they’ve got to have a good nose. Sometimes it’s worth it to risk getting COVID to show off your 10/10 side profile. However, if you don’t have a picture-perfect nose, and you’re not going to wear your mask right, please, at least get rhinoplasty. 

 As it turns out, incorrect mask-wearing is pretty common in the hallways and classrooms of Tualatin High School. As we return to in-person school after the chaos and craziness of last school year, with the majority of school being online, many students have lost the ability to safely wear their masks (or never had the ability to begin with).  

There are many, many different ways people can wrongly wear their masks, but my favorite is when a student wears their mask under their nose, resulting in their teacher asking them, often repeatedly, to put it on correctly. Then they only put it over their nose, exposing their whole mouth. It’s just so, so funny. Another common excuse students use  is claiming to be “eating” the whole day, just so they can wear their mask under their chin. I’m just not quite sure if these people understand that wearing their mask like that requires much more effort and work than just wearing it normally: over your nose and mouth. Wearing anything else besides a regular face mask –  for example,  a shirt just pulled up over your mouth and nose, underwear, cardboard, socks, paper or any other items of this sort – is not exactly flattering.  

So, if you’re reading this right now and you are currently somewhere where you are required to wear a mask, please just do yourself and everyone else a favor and wear your mask correctly… unless you have a model nose.