Mitski’s new single is driving me up a wall

Stella Fetherston, Editor-in-Chief

Mitski’s newest single, “The Only Heartbreaker,” was released Nov. 9 alongside an announcement of her album Laurel Hell, which is set to be released in February of 2022. 

Some of Mitski’s more popular songs like “Nobody” and “Washing Machine Heart” blew up across TikTok, and with over 7 million listeners on Spotify, her popularity is undeniable. Mitski is best known for her emotional songs surrounding topics of love, trauma, destruction and yearning. She also writes about her experiences as a Japanese-American woman in songs like “Best American Girl.” To be as blunt as possible, Mitski makes music to cry to. 

After her hiatus, Mitski released another single, “Working for the Knife,” which many interpret as a take on capitalism and the way it feels to work an unfulfilling job instead of pursuing one’s riskier creative passions. 

Some have criticized “The Only Heartbreaker” for not having the same kick that some of her previous songs – specifically on her album Lush – possess. However, I argue that Mitski’s new song is just as experimental, carrying a disco-esque melody juxtaposed with aching lyrics. She continues to explore self-sabotage, passion and of course, the song’s moniker: heartbreak. What’s not to love?

With no social media presence, many fans were curious as to whether Mitski would ever return to the music scene, much less a return to tour. But lo and behold, she’s back with tour dates and an album.