Are high school ‘classics’ relatable for Timberwolves?

Cyrah Carlson, Co-Fold Editor

Some would agree that movies set in high school depict an unrealistic culture of the high school scene. However, others would argue that the archetypal comedies prepared us for the worst. From the severe “freshmen bullying” trope, with examples like having your. head flushed in the toilet and being shoved into lockers to the clear segregation of social cliques and classes, high school movies pack in all realms of stereotypes. Below are some classic high school movies that The Wolf reviewed based on their realistic connection to school at TuHS.


  1. Mean Girls: 3 stars for relatability. Director Mark Waters does an acceptable job in an attempt to recreate the brutality of cliques. However, the absurd preppiness of the group of girls is not replicated as dramatically at TuHS. 
  2. Perks of Being a Wallflower: 4 stars for relatability. The characters demonstrate the beauty of friendships made in school, specifically, the encouragement of peers to step outside  one’s comfort zone. This example seems accurate in regards to the Tualatin High community.
  3. Breakfast Club: 3 stars for relatability. The Breakfast Club is a comedic take on high school, and director John Hughes creates an easygoing group of five that anyone could relate to.
  4. Clueless: 3 stars for relatability. Although the characters in this movie face real problems that could arise at TuHS, the sheer preppiness and stereotypical edginess differs from real life.
  5. High School Musical: 2 stars for relatability. Sorry to say it, but High School Musical does not make the cut for an honest portrayal of high school. Although an entertaining movie to watch, the stand-out word “Musical” in the title says enough. 


Although these fan-favorite movies are so easy to watch on repeat, we now know that they don’t represent high school in all of its glory. What makes up Tualatin High School is the welcoming and supportive environment of students and staff that is not as clearly represented in these movies.