Parking Tips from a Professional

Marcus Ludes, Staff Writer

Successfully navigating a parking lot is one of the most important skills for being a good driver, so I’m here to teach you how to become the Tualatin parking lot’s best. 

The first step is to always tail everyone. Don’t leave space between you and the person in front of you. Always drive bumper-to-bumper with them!

Now, find the closest spot to the school’s entrance. It’s best to park in someone else’s assigned spot, so that they have to waste time going to visitor parking and being late to their class. While parking in their spot, carefully place your tires over the lines, park diagonally and keep the end of your car sticking as far out as possible. Even if you’re not in a rush, you should still slam your doors open into the cars next to you, leaving them a fun mark to look at when they get out of class!

Once the bell has rung and school is over, your first idea should be to sprint to your car. Weave in between everyone else driving because, remember, if they hit you it’s their fault, not yours! After getting in your car, back right up into the people behind you. Don’t pay attention to your surroundings, since everyone will get out of the way. If you do hit someone’s car, don’t say anything; just drive away quickly. When you’re leaving the lot, never let people in. It’s best to drive fast and avoid eye contact so they think you’re in a rush. When you’ve gotten to the end of the lot, stop your car and pick your friends up, blocking all the traffic behind you.

On days when traffic is exceedingly bad, you can also consider an alternative exit from the lot. Rather than taking the normal way, drive through the entrance. The entrance is rarely packed, so you can have a much quicker exit from the parking lot, getting home even faster!

The parking lot is a difficult place to navigate and understand, but after reading this step-by-step tutorial, you’re now adequately prepared to be a smooth and efficient parking lot user.