Andor Gives Birth to Rebellion 

Marc Khanna, Staff Writer

The iconic Star Wars franchise released Andor, the prequel to the spinoff film Rogue One, on Sept. 21. This series focuses on the important character Cassian Andor, who was crucial in forming the Rebel Alliance – a band of rebels fighting back against the Galactic Empire. 

With the fall of the Republic concluding Episode III, Rogue One managed to solidify the viewer’s comprehension of the Rebellion’s mission and the Empire’s ultimate weapon: The Death Star. The history behind Cassian is unknown to most, and Andor gives us a better understanding of him and his relevance in Rogue One

The show starts off with Cassian going on a mission to locate his missing sister. In the first episode, “Kassa,” he is confronted by two Imperial officers. An altercation between them shortly leads to Cassian accidentally killing one and executing the other. He tries to hide his involvement by fleeing the planet of Morlana One, still on his way to find his sister. The show then introduces new characters to Cassian that spark the birth of the Rebellion. 

Kai Higashi, a junior, shared his thoughts on Andor

“It is a very good watch,” he said. “It’s not something we have seen out of Star Wars yet. The first two episodes mainly focus on world building and character development, but then it picks up speed. It’s a breath of fresh air. Definitely worth checking out.” 

Tualatin High School teacher and Star Wars fan Tryon Thompson also shared his excitement about the show:

“It’s excellent. It’s Star Wars at its best, I think. It’s got an element of realism that’s very good,” he said. “It’s probably a little more mature than most of the rest of Star Wars, but I would definitely recommend it. For me, personally, it’s towards the top. Quite a few of the television shows I haven’t really enjoyed, but this one very much so. I thought Rogue One was one of the better Star Wars movies, too, so it fits with that.”

This limited series is streaming on Disney Plus and is expected to have a total of 24 episodes. As a Star Wars fan, this reporter is excited to uncover the mysterious history behind the Rebellion and see what the next season has to offer. 

If you like action-packed shows with adventure, check out Andor, along with all the other Star Wars films and shows!