Just let us go already


Photograph by Amanda Fronczak.

Tullia Salboro, Staff Writer

“Halfway there!” hangs above Senior Hall, to remind us that time is ticking. College decision letters continue to arrive, but high school smacks us back to reality by continuing to stack the work. The people around us keep reminding us to soak it all up because it “flies by.” So why does it feel like time is dragging even slower than before? 

It’s safe to say that the Class of ‘23 is surrendering to the looming senior sickness. It’s harder every day to make it to class on time; walking as slow as humanly possible is just so much easier. The IB students continue to be subjected to IAs., 

Senior Natalia Jaquez said, “I just want to lie down in the snow and never get up.” 

So real. 

The school would be lucky if we made it to school five consecutive days in a row. It’s a struggle to bless this institution with both our physical and mental presence. I think it would be fair if the school provided us with our own “seniors only” rage room to compensate for the immense emotions we all feel towards the stacking tests, essays and all that jazz. We are all silently crumbling under the pressure of keeping up with our classes, and still finding time to prepare for college and apply for as many scholarships as possible (the price tags for some of those schools, man…). All of these tasks are really getting to our seniors. 

For example, senior Jade Stripling said, “I just want to take a nap.”

I think as a whole, seniors would all love to go back to a good nap time like kindergarten used to provide. Alas, we must continue to push through long nights of homework. 

Finley Arnott, Senior, vented, “I want to have a single night of sleep where I don’t fall asleep clutching my Chromebook to my chest.”

Thank you to the whole Class of 2023 for powering through and making lasting memories throughout our time together. Remember guys, when times get rough, it’s worth walking across that stage and receiving that glorious, empty, faux-leather folder!