Overheard in the hallway


Timmy Parsons photographed collecting data by Isabella Kneeshaw.

Timmy Parsons, Staff Writer

Seniors, if you’re like me, you might be suffering from a severe case of senioritis at this point in the school year. Let’s be honest, it’s hard to see the purpose of even showing up; most of us know what we’re doing after high school, and if not, the finish line in sight is enough to bring our academic motivation to the floor. 

Fear not seniors! I have an idea for an exciting activity to enlighten your school day: people watching. In this edition of The Wolf, I sat out in the hallways and listened to some of my fellow T-Wolves spread some scrumptious gossip. Here are some things I overheard: 


Student 1: Who are you planning on going to Prom with? 

Student 2: Ugh, I have this one person in my mind but I am too scared to ask him. 

Student 1: Girl, spill!

Student 2: He goes by the name Christopher Duke! But I like to call him Dukey Pukey! 


Student 1: I’m bored. Wanna go lay on the floor of the bathroom and eat lunch for no reason at all? 

Student 2: Sounds like a perfectly normal and completely sanitary thing to do! Let’s find a big group to join us! 


Student 1: *trips on the stairs* Sorry. I was too busy falling in love with you. 

Students 2 and 3: *Bursts out laughing* 

Senior 1: I have a serious illness. I’m suffering every day, and I don’t know how much longer I can go on. I struggle to wake up, the time moves slowly, and every day brings me pain. 

Teacher 1: Oh my goodness! Are you ok? What’s going on? 

Senior 1: I was diagnosed with a very serious condition called Stage 4 Senioritis.