The dark history of the TuHS seal


Graphic by Simon Phipps.

Simon Phipps, Co-News-Editor

Class of 2023: If you have even breathed on the seal, I am so sorry for what is headed your way.

It’s likely you’ve never even read the writing on the condemning circle just inside the main entrance… It’s nothing special. Anything could have been engraved there, yet the Class of 2000 chose the most basic option. Not even a quote. That isn’t the point, though. The biggest issue is its curse. 

From unexplained pregnancies to houses catching fire, here are some of the worst experiences from those who dared to step on the seal. All interviewees wished to remain anonymous.


“Yeah, it wasn’t even my graduation year,” one TuHS senior said. “I was a freshman and was just trying to make my way to class. After I stepped on it everybody gasped – the whole cafeteria went silent. The next week my garage burned down, and I was house hopping for four months. Wild.”

“All it took was one step on that stupid circle, and next thing I know there are Pampers on my doorstep… just there,” another senior said. “I was so confused. I took a test in the Target bathroom, and lo and behold, the two lines appeared. I hadn’t even done anything, never even had a boyfriend. It just teleported in there.”

“Oh yeah, I remember the day – wasn’t even in high school yet,” a final senior said. “I was in eighth grade, and I had to take out the trash but didn’t want to get my own shoes, so I just used my sisters. Turns out she stepped on the seal with those same shoes. I know she did because I woke up on the street after a sprinter van hit me while biking home from school… some atrocious character development for real.”