Need costume ideas?

Olivia Seits, Staff Writer

Halloween: an annual holiday celebrated with candy and scary movies. But Halloween has some pretty weird facts in its history, like that candy corn was originally called chicken feet! Or that the most jack o’ lanterns ever lit on display at once was 30,851! Even crazier is that the movie Halloween(1978) used a William Shatner Star Trek mask for the character Michael Meyers, due to a tight budget. Don’t worry; William Shatner was honored to be a part of the film.

Although pumpkins are an important part of Halloween, what is the true meaning of the spooky season? The costumes. Need some ideas this year? I got you.

Maybe you’re looking for an iconic duo-type costume. Barnacle Boy and Mermaid Man, Gordan Ramsey with the sandwich, or the tongue between Shawn Mendes and Camilla Cabello. Scandy on the last one, I know.

If you don’t have anyone to duo with, that doesn’t mean you can’t partake in a costume that screams “Meme.” Peppa Pig or Dwight from “The Office” is definitely the way to go.

Last, but certainly not least, to stick with a school theme, a classic costume would be to dress up as a construction worker. Easy and fashionable.


Have a fun and safe Halloween everyone!





Why don’t ghosts like rain on Halloween?


-It dampens their spirits!



Why did the ghost go in the bar?


-For the boos!